Friday, October 23, 2015

Cloudscapes/Landscapes 2015

The spring and summer season of this year
provided an inspiring number of
cloudscapes to grace the beautiful landscapes
that I am accustomed to painting
in central Kentucky.
The following paintings are the result 
of that inspiration.

Willie Martin's 
in Lebanon, Kentucky
will offer this latest group of paintings
for exhibit and for purchase
November 6th - 30th,
beginning with 
an artist's reception
November 6th, 2015.

Meet the artist
November 6th, 5 PM- 9 PM

Please join us!

 A Central Kentucky Farm
12" x 24"     oil on canvas     $1200.

Over the Crest
11" x 14"       oil on canvas     $900.

11" x 14"    oil on canvas   $800.

The Enlightened One
12" x 16"        oil on canvas       $900.

Long Shadow
  7" x 14"     oil on canvas      $600/SOLD

 7" x 14"     oil on canvas        $450.

Sunday Morning Storm
7" x 14"   oil on canvas      $750.

       12" x 16"      oil on canvas      $850.

Little Valleys
7" x 14"    oil on canvas     $500.

Across the Corn
12" x 24"    oil on canvas     $1200.

Moment of Motion
7" x 14"    oil on canvas     $750.

O'er the Hills and Far Away
7" x 14"       oil on canvas      $600.

Distant Rain
14" x 18"     oil on canvas     $1200/SOLD

Saturday, September 13, 2014

new work...

18th century subjects...

I have just received notice 
that one of my recent paintings was selected
for the cover of Journal of the Early Americas!

Cover art for Journal of the Early Americas 
Volume IV, Issue III    
July-September 2014 

Chance      oil on canvas  12" x 16"      $1000.

Josiah       oil on canvas  11" x 14"

A Girl in a Cabin          oil on canvas  8" x 10"

Through Cane               oil on panel  16" x 20" 

Gambling in the Fort  oil on canvas 14" x 18"
(no longer available)

The Hill                     oil on canvas   8" x 10"

Fresh figures...

Cutting Tobacco in Kentucky  
oil on canvas    11" x 14"    $950.
(no longer available)

Moss Sisters             oil on canvas   11" x 14"

Greta         oil on panel   3.25" x 5"    $500.

Date Night      oil on panel

For the past few years, I have been making my way
around the county where I live and
the surrounding counties as well,
revisiting some favorite views
and discovering a few new spaces as well.
As a result, I have new landscape paintings 
to offer, with a few more yet to be done.

Two Bales      8.5" x 6"    oil on panel    $350.

Sunrise on the Knobs    20.75" x 7"    oil on panel    $600.

Foggy Sunrise             8" x 10"    oil on panel        $450.
(no longer available)

The Stump           23.75" x 15.75"  oil on panel           $1500.

Bottomland Tobacco, Marion County
10" x 18"      oil on panel    (no longer available)

Wetlands          10" x 18"  oil on panel          $900.

Red Oak                10" x 18"  oil on panel                $900.

Red Oak, detail