past shows and commissions

I encourage the viewer to journey
through the shows of my past
as well as appreciating my current works.

To be accepted into a show is a triumph,
a celebration, a validation of one's art.
Putting together a show, a group of works
intended to be seen together as a whole,
is a labor of love and I believe that it is important to
view the paintings within this context
as well as individually.

I have found that the advent of the
affordable digital camera has
made this process much easier.
As a result, the visual history of
the shows in which I have participated
is a very young one.
"The best time to plant a tree
was 20 years ago.
The second best time
is now."


Kaviar Forge & Gallery 2014 ~ Louisville, KY

The Figure Revealed

Painting the nude... it's natural.
Freedom from the trappings of time,
removing the masks.
We were born naked
with a natural freedom of expression.

Three Doves         15" x 15"             $900.

Figure 42    3.25" x 5"    $450.
(no longer available)

The Nature of Dionysus      16" x 20"      $900.


Local Art in the Highlands 2012 ~ Louisville, KY

Preserving our Kentucky Heritage

This was a wonderful community event
to support and promote Preservation Kentucky.

Local Art in the Highlands is "the convergence of art,
community, faith, and activism in Louisville's Highlands."
They curate a series of quarterly art shows which bring together
the communities of local artists and activists for a local cause.

Hosted by St. Andrews Episcopal Church, each show features

many local artists that create and submit work for a specific theme.
Door fees, portions of vendor sales, and art commissions are split

between St. Andrews and the co-sponsor the each particular show.

The art shows are curated by Kim Torres and Sandie Griffin,
of Lucent Dreams Photography and Art from the Heart Gallery.

  The Stump                  23.75" x 15.75"                         $1500.  


Marion County Judicial Center Commission

In spring of 2012, I was commissioned to create
a painting for the newly constructed 
Marion County Judicial Center
in Lebanon, KY

It is beautifully framed and hangs
on the ground floor near the entrance area.

oil on panel 36" x 48"


Kaviar Forge & Gallery 2012 ~ Louisville, KY

figured OUT: explorations of the human form

This show featured an eclectic mix of artists from Louisville
and surrounding areas and had two artists' receptions
which coincided with the Frankfort Avenue Trolley Hop.

The March 30th event featured performance artist
Monet Magnolia, painted by the artist known as W.A.R.

The show received a favorable review by Keith Waits.

Innocent Desire to Know
oil on panel    9" x 12" (no longer available)

Emergence      oil on panel   5" x 5"   $950.


Journal of the Early Americas, 2011
I am very happy to announce that
selected this painting to appear on the cover
of their August/September 2011 issue.
It is an excellent publication and I am very 
pleased for the opportunity to decorate 
their fine magazine with one of my images.

The Looker
16" x 20"    oil on canvas    $1400./SOLD

August/September 2011 issue of
Journal of the Early Americas


Ann Tower Gallery 2011 ~ Lexington, KY

Evolving Revolving 10

an annual summer show of gallery artists

The Stump      23.75" x 15.75"     $1500.

Shadows Over Henbit              7.5" x 22.75"   
(no longer available)

Lonely Bull  15.5" x  15.5"   $1400.


Kaviar Forge & Gallery 2011 ~ Louisville, KY


Following, are the show announcement 
and images of the four paintings that I  contributed to the show.

Blair, the gallery director, created a very nice press release
for the event and the show received an enthusiastic review from
Louisville Arts Review.

Last Morning in June 2010       8" x 12"
(no longer available)

October Soybeans        11.75" x 37       
(no longer available)

Frosty Morn      9" x 12"
(no longer available)

Into Harvest Time  
(no longer available)    


The following group of paintings enjoyed two showings in separate venues...

These Precious Things 2008 ~ Lebanon, KY


Thanks to our local gallery, owned by artist Jama Watts,
this show was made available 
to my community. 
The importance of providing art to local regions 
which possess no museums
and few, if any, galleries cannot be overstated.
These Precious Things provided the perfect

venue for this group of paintings.

Tim Faulkner Gallery 2010 ~ Louisville, KY


These are just a few photos of the very special 
opening and artist's reception at Tim Faulkner Gallery.
The show was installed beautifully by Tim and Margaret.
The room looked perfect- even more so, 

when it filled with family and friends, old and new, 
who came out to show support for me and to celebrate art in general. 
It was a wonderful evening. 
Many thanks to all who helped to make this happen.

The Paintings...

Mythoman      9.25" x 11"      $800.

Farewell           9" x 11"
(in the artist's private collection)

Diana     4.25" x 6.25"    $900.

Jupiter, Juno, and Io        9.25" x 10.75"
(no longer available)

Ego, Reflecting Vanity 6" x 3.5"  $700.

The Unfurling      14" x 18"      $1200.

The Lady in the Lake
3.25" x 11"    $800.

Girls          5" x 5"         $750.

The Pleading         5" x 5"             $850.

Titan          7" x 7"          $750.

Watchful            4.25" x 6.25"         $1100.

The Healing         6.5" x 6.5"        $900.

Pond Lilies         5" x 5"        $800

Eos              9.25" x 10.75"        $800.(no longer available)

Emergence          5" x 5"           $950.

the following five paintings were created in 2010
and added to the original group which then
were curated into the Tim Faulkner Gallery show

Into the Morning     11" x 14"
(no longer available)

Taken       11" x 14"       $1400.

Dominion        14" x 18"          $1100.

The Seduction       11" x 14"       $1400.

Nest           8" x 8"        $750.


BDeemer Gallery 2006 ~ Louisville, KY

I had the good fortune of being able to follow
a few of my neighbors for several years 
in the field, barn, and market during the tobacco season.
These paintings are the result.

Hands of Tobacco

 A hand is a bundle of tobacco with a leaf tie.
A hand is a farm worker.

"These small paintings
brief moments in recent history
of the relationship between
tobacco and man."

Mark Selter, 2006

(all of these paintings have been sold)

Rolling Tobacco                                            6.25'' x 8.9''

Setting Tobacco           6.25'' x 8.75''

Handmaiden                    11.5'' x 22.75''

Cuttin' and Stickin'       4.5'' x 5.5''

First Two Rows                                            11.5'' x 7''

Hand Over Fist                                       6.25'' x 8.75''

Hanging in the Pole Barn                            5.13'' x 7.5''

Tobacco Settlement                               11.5'' x 22.9''

Three Tiers                   6.25'' x 8.9''

Tobacco Stripping                                        5.5'' x 8''

 Old Hand (Waiting to Sell)                        4.5'' x 5.5''

For the People, To the Teachers             7.25'' x 7.5''

Changing Landscape                        17.25'' x 23.5''

Pipe                                                      7.25'' x 7.5''


BDeemer Gallery 2005 ~ Louisville, KY

For the Moment

A fleeting moment, a space of time or a feeling, a view...
these are the things that inspired me to create this group of paintings.

(all of these paintings have been sold)

Calf Kisses                                                      4'' x 6''

Breaking Ground                                          6'' x 8''

The Letter                     5'' x 6''

Brown's Drive                                            6'' x 8''

Feed Store                                                6'' x 8''

Heavy Sky                                             5'' x 8''

Doing Horse Stuff                                      6'' x 8''

Graced With Light                                 7'' x 21''

Hayloft                                                          4'' x 6''

December Hay                                        6'' x 11''

Moment                                                     3.5'' x 5''

Bluegrass Parkway                                  3.5'' x 5''

Preparing the Milk Tank        4.5'' x 6''

Homeland Security                     6'' x 8''

Tending the Vines        3.5'' x 5''

Spreading Phosphate                                6'' x 8''

Squirrel                                                     5.25'' x 6''

Tobacco Hangers                                           4'' x 6''

This is a commission done
from the image on
an oval black and white