For some years now,
I have been reflecting and painting
a combination of classical and 18th century subjects,
using reenactors and historical interpretors
as reference and model.

As these paintings came into being,
I noticed that while each new person
viewed these works,
a story emerged.
The stories and interpretations
vary as greatly as the individuals relating them.
There is no limit to the interpretation
of an artwork-
feel free to let your imagination take you on a journey.


16" x 20" oil on canvas painted after
 19th c. artist, Edward Troye's 1838 painting of
Kirkpatrick: a Shorthorn bull owned by
Alfred D. Offutt of Scott County Kentucky
(commission, not available for purchase)

Old Friends
11" x 14", oil on canvas

Splitting Wood
8" x 10", oil on panel, $1200.

Keeping Camp
11" x 14", oil on canvas

Kristi, Lighting Pipe
oil on panel, 8" x 10"

Pulling Camp
8" x 10", oil on canvas, 2016

Griz, 8" x 10", oil on canvas
(gift for the model)

Carry the Way
12" x 16", oil on canvas

Stephanie in Winter
8" x 10", oil on canvas

Wailing, 8" x 10", oil on canvas

Little Flower, 8" x 10", oil on canvas

Honey, 8" x 10", oil on canvas

The Hill, 8" x 10", oil on canvas

Josiah, 11" x 14", oil on canvas

Tory at the Tavern
oil on canvas/SOLD

Mel, Portraying George Rogers Clark
11" x 14"
(in a private collection)

The Looker 
16" x 20"       oil on canvas           $1400/SOLD

To Resupply Lewis and Clark
16" x 20"   (no longer available)
(This painting was inspired by a Jon Hagee photograph
which was used with his permission.)

Indentured, 12" x 12", oil on panel, $1500.
This painting takes a close look at the
iron collar worn by the Irish indentured,
Maggie Delaney,
as portrayed by Carol Jarboe.

Currently on display and for sale at
Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea.

Two Lions                                           11" x 14"

Jon Hagee at Painted Stone
(in a private collection)
(view of detail)

Mad Anne Bailey,
as portrayed by Suzanne Larner
11" x 14"   (in a private collection)

Dominion                     14" x 18"                                 $1100.

Farewell       9" x 11"  
(in the artist's private collection)

Signing                         11" x 14"                                 $1100.

Pipe          7.25" x 7.5"     (no longer available)

Cold II                  11" x 14"          $1200/SOLD

Maps                3.5" x 5"               $900.

Movement to Contact    16" x 20"     (no longer available)

Breathless Moment  8" x 10"  $1100.

Resupplied                 8" x 10"             (no longer available)

Scraping Hide            5" x 5"                    $800.

The Camp Gang           12" x 16"           $1100.

No Further               14" x 18"
(donated to fundraising auction)

Cold          6" x 9"          $900.

Giveaway                5" x 5"                 $1100.     

For Trade                            9" x 11"                              $900.

Paint and a Song          5" x 5"                   $750.

Huckleberry                 5" x 5"                 $1000.

The Promise    11" x 14"
This painting was donated to a silent auction
to benefit the Purefinder Fund.
"Reenactors helping reenactors...
This fund provides emergency support
for reenactors in need."

Captives                         23.5" x 30"                             $1400.

The Murder of Captain Abraham Lincoln
48" x 60"
(in the permanent collection of
Springfield, Kentucky's Lincoln Legacy Museum)