Cloudscapes, 2015


The spring and summer seasons of 2015
provided an inspiring number of
cloudscapes to grace the beautiful landscapes
that I am accustomed to painting
in central Kentucky.
The following paintings are the result 
of that inspiration.

This group of paintings was introduced
to the public in an exhibit by

Willie Martin's in Lebanon, Kentucky 
November 6th - 30th, 2015.
It was a beautiful venue.

 A Central Kentucky Farm
12" x 24"     oil on canvas     $1200

Over the Crest
11" x 14"       oil on canvas     $900

11" x 14"    oil on canvas   $800
(Available through KY Artisan Center at Berea)

The Enlightened One
12" x 16"        oil on canvas       $900/Sold

Long Shadow
  7" x 14"     oil on canvas      $600/Sold

 7" x 14"     oil on canvas $450/Sold
(donated to fundraiser)

Sunday Morning Storm
7" x 14"   oil on canvas      $750/Sold

       12" x 16"      oil on canvas      $850

Little Valleys
7" x 14"    oil on canvas     $500

Across the Corn
12" x 24"    oil on canvas     $1200

Moment of Motion
7" x 14"    oil on canvas     $750

O'er the Hills and Far Away
7" x 14"       oil on canvas      $600

Distant Rain
14" x 18"     oil on canvas     $1200/Sold